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Tamar Stein

Dr. Tamar Stein

Dr. Tamar Stein is an assistant professor (senior lecturer) at the Fritz Haber Research Center for Molecular Dynamics, in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 
Dr. Stein received her Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry from the Hebrew University in 2013, and later on continued her research in method development for quantum chemistry at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Between 2015 to 2018, she worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and also worked in collaboration with NASA Astrobiology Institute.

Estefanía Rossich Molina

Dr. Estefanía Rossich Molina

Argentinian, obtained her PhD in Computational Chemistry at the University of Paris-Saclay. Her research has been for years on the area of Molecular Dynamics, applied first to mechanisms of Mass Spectrometry and later on, to atmospheric chemistry.She is currently working on the development and application of Neural Networks architectures to study chemical reactivity. Finding new fingerprints for chemical systems is one of the key points of her research interest. 


Alon Zamir

Alon Zamir

Alon Zamir studies for his master in Theoretical Chemistry under the guidance of Dr. Tamar Stein.
For his bachelor's degree, he majored in chemistry and minored in mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Alon's current research focuses on quantum aspects of reactions in space in the astrochemistry field.
Alon is a TA for calculus for chemists.

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Jeeno Jose

Dr. Jeeno Jose

Jeeno Jose conducts his postdoctoral research in the Tamar Stein group in the Fritz Haber Center for Molecular Dynamics in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research interests encompass understanding fundamental materials behaviour using ab-inito and classical molecular dynamics simulations, as well as developing machine learning pathways to accelerate molecular dynamics simulations. Before joining the Tamar Stein group, Jeeno received both Masters and Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India, for his research in solid-polymer interface mechanical behaviour using classical molecular dynamics in the research group of Dr. Narasimhan Swaminathan.